Smart Solutions

Smart Energy

By increasing demand on different types of energy, the need for having an infrastructure to monitor and control of energy within Generation/ Transmission and Distribution networks becomes necessary. Our E2E smart energy solution is a combination of sensors, secured connectivity means, as well as software applications (MDM). This solution can be known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and can be deployed for electricity, water, and gas metering purposes.

Smart Transportation

Today efficient control on fleet assets which are under service is a big challenge for fleet owners. Our fleet management solution is a combination of different sensors, secured connectivity equipment as well as application software which can monitor different parameters of the assets such as instantaneous location, route, behavior of the driver, true working hours. Vareity of managerial reports in the form of dashboards are available for better resource management and increasing productivity.

Smart Industry

Smart Industry trend is bringing fundamental change in traditional industries, making them more efficient, safer,more flexible and more environmentally friendly. Our focus is delivering innovative solutions for the industrial market with elevating processes to digital excellence and maximum productivity. Depends on type of industry and desired outputs, our solution consists of relevant sensors, connectivity means, as well as application software tools.